♥ Mia gets a phone call… by Bushes LeDay

♥ Mia gets a phone call… Once again Mommy said I could make a long distance phone call. My friend Grace has returned home but this time I made a very special call… to Mia ♥ It went something like this…
Bushes: Hello? Mia? Is that you? Mia: Dis is Mia. Who’s dis? Bushes: It’s me Bushes, Grace’s friend. Mia: Oh hello Bushy! Gracie telled me all about you. Aren’t you a kitty like my Beans & Riley? Bushes: Yep! I’m a kitten. Beans & Riley were supposed to be working on getting a direct line to me so I could keep tabs on the puppies. Mia: MY puppies?!? Why do you wanna put tacks in my puppies? Bushes: No, not tacks. Keep tabs! You know, just so I could check and be sure they’re okay. Make sure they are behaving and eating. Stuff like that… Mia: Ohhhh, I get it. Well my puppies are otay. Have you sawed the tummies on them? They sure do eat. I like watching them when they climb all over each other at the bowls. I don’t knowed about behaving though. You know how puppies are. Bushes: heeee-heee… That’s pretty funny. I’m usually having my morning cup of milk when they eat. You are right about them being pups too. They are pretty good about staying out of trouble though. And I love to see you when you’ve just gotten up & you go to visit the pups. You’re hair is all messy but your little curls are so cute. Mia: Grace told me you’d haves long fluffy hair Bushy. Does your Mommy brush your hair? Bushes: Yes Mia, my Mother brushes my hair in the morning sunshine. It’s very relaxing. But Mia, the reason I called is can you tell me where all the puppy’s have gone. My Mom says the EPW’s are worried they are all leaving home. Mia: Oh Bushy, please tell your Mom & the EPeepW’s everything is otay. The puppies are getting biggers. They have things they have to start doin’. My Mother says it time for some of them to move awayed. My Flurry left yetterday. I miss my Flurry. She’s going to stay with her Home Deposit family. And my Beeeee is with Cheryl. Cheryl is our new friend. She is going to help teach the puppies. Bushes: How is Mr. Derecho doing? Mommy and I adore Mr. D! Are his eyes better? Mia: Oh yes. Recho went to the docturrs. His eyes are getting all better. He stays in the house with me and the big dawgs. Gracie’s Mom Holly stays with him sometimes. All the big dawgs help look after him. He is one of my favorites too. But oh, I think I wuv all the puppies the bestest! Besides, we have Blizzard, Twister and Breeze to play with this weekend. Can you come play with us Bushy? Bushes: Oh Mia, I sure wish I could! You live far away. That’s a long way for a kitten to travel. I would love to share hugs with you & the pups. And I know you and your Mother take excellent care of Misty’s babies! Can I ask a favor though? I know you call them your puppies but can I share loving them with you? Mia: Oh I’m sorry Bushy. Of course you can wuv them too! I want to share my puppies with everybuddy. Mommy says they have wots & wots of wuv to share. I want everybuddy to get to feel how ‘pecial they are. We have very nice people that come visit us. When the pups growed up, they might live with nice people like them. Maybe when I growed up I can be like Mommy and share “my” puppies with toes very nice people too. Warriors… That’s who they are Bushy, Warriors! Bushes: Well Mia, it is obvious you have a great head start on following in Mommy’s footsteps. I’m sure if thats what you want to be when you grow up, you will be wonderful at it. That I am sure of. Mia: Thank you Bushy. You are very nice. Are you sure you can’t come play with us? Bushes: No Mia, but I’d like it if you asked Beans & Riley to fix the foil. I’m trying to get better reception so I can talk to you more often. Is that okay? Mia: Oh, I’d like that Bushy! I don’t know about foil but I’ll give ‘em the messtage. Bushes: Thank you Mia! It’s been fun talking to you. Must almost be time for bed, huh? Mia: Yes, Bushy. Almost time for bed. I likeded talking to you too. G’nite… Bushes: Goodnight sweet Mia. Remember… Rest well, dream very very sweet and wake smiling. Mia: Bushy can I wake with a wiggly butt instead? Bushes: You most certainly can Mia, you most certainly can ♥

It Occurred to Me by Streaky LeDay

It occurred to me… ♥

It occurred to me,
that time has flown.
Already 8 weeks?,
and soon to leave home.

At seven we started,
all glued to our screens.
Love of two we still have…
always there in our dreams.

Now Misty’s Weather Pups,
plus one from another.
A Sunkissed Golden…
with Molly, now her Mother.

Growing, playing & exploring,
learning and thriving.
We learn too, as pups teach us…
to love & laugh, to be alive.

But aren’t they still babies?,
Hearing voices, now theirs.
They’re testing the waters…
as we hold back our tears.

We’re not ready yet,
to let go right now.
Such growing you’ll do…
and already, we’re proud!

Watching from back here
with a very special love,
six little precious pups…
Dog Blessed from above.

It occurred to me
time has flown, its true.
How lucky we’ve all been…
To have been touched by you ♥

It’s okay to be different

For my friend Heidi ♥ by Streaky LeDay

♥ Bea & Grace ♥

Prior to her departure, Grace wanted to have a chat with the babies. We find the newest addition of the WCC family, Bea, sitting alongside Grace of Holly’s Half Dozen… In front of them is a very attentive line up of Misty’s puppies. All laying on their tummies with butts wiggling in excitement, we join them in a conversation about being different.

Derecho: “Whaddya mean we’re different? We all have ears and four legs.” Flurry: “Yeah, and tails & noses”, she says as she goes crossed eyed looking down to the tip of her nose. Blizzard laughs at her as Twister shifts his chin to his other paw, both boys now teasing Flurry by touching the tip of her nose. With her head tilted, Breeze says “So how are we different Cousin Grace? If we all have four legs and tails…” Bea, who looks up to her new friend Grace, smiles and asks “Is it because I’m from New Hampshire?!?” Misty’s puppies gasp and murmur to each other, “New Hampsur? New Pamper?” Grace snickers and shakes her head. “Puppies… We have so many things that are different from each other. Where we come from, the color of our hair, how tall we are. We have different ideas and skills. We have our favorite things that someone else might not like.” Bea shifts on her side and gives Grace an “up & down”. Then looking at herself in the mirror she says, “Grace, my hair is much darker than yours and the puppies.” With a tiny pout she asks if it’s a bad thing. “Not at all Bea!” Grace says in her reassuring voice. “As a matter of fact, sometimes your beautiful red hair might get you noticed before one of Misty’s pups. You stand out in the crowd.” Bea gets a bit of a smug look on her face and smiles.

All of the sudden Flurry pounces on top of her. Chomping on Bea’s ear, Flurry says through gritted teeth, “I teach you about being different.” As the two start wrassling around, the other pups scoot out of the way while Grace steps over and gently pulls them apart. “Okay you two! This is why we are having this talk. I hope you all understand its okay to be different. It can be interesting to be taller or have a longer nose than someone else. It can be nice to have curls in my hair when you all have straight soft hair. You all can be proud to be a beautiful blond like your Mother. She is very happy to have all of puppies look like her. My Mother have puppies that are both light and dark in color and she loves us all too. It’s o-k-a-y to be different. And you shouldn’t fight because of it.” With a puppy scowl, Flurry isn’t too sure about this. Bea smoothes her slightly ruffled hair back into place and everyone settles back into their spot. Blizzard decides he wants to examine everyone a little more closely. He starts with Derecho and notices the fine dark line at the edge of his ears. Putting some spit on his paw, he tries to rub it off. “Hey!” says Derecho. “What are you doing?” “I think you have some dirt here brother. Let me get that.” Derecho snaps his head away and says “its part of my charm. Let my ears alone. I’m different”, he says with a grin. Blizzard then looks at his sisters. “Okay you two… whacchoo got that’s different?” Grace and Bea, being a bit older, look at each other with caution. “Uh, Blizzard, I think when you get a little older, you’ll have a chance to discover what’s different with your sisters” Grace quickly says. “The point is we all have something different from each other. The opportunity to see and accept those differences is what I’d like for you to all learn.” “But Cousin Gracccce”, whines Breeze. “I don’t want to be different. I wanna be like my sister and brothers. What if nobody likes me because I’m different?” Grace calmly strokes Breeze on her head. “Sometimes it’s our differences that make us the most special, precious little cousin. Sometimes it’s our differences…” ♥

Adventures under the Bed

♥ ♥ ♥ Enjoy ♥ ♥ ♥

As carefully as a parent can plan for the safety of their precious little ones, once in a while… So while camera peeps are busy asking each other where the other two pups are, we hear tiny sounds of psssst, psst, pssssst and giggling from underneath the bed. *** Derecho in a whisper, “Breeze, did anyone see you? Are ya sure you got under here without being noticed?” Breeze slightly out of breath from squeezing through the hidden hole, “ummmm, I don’t think anyone saw me. But my back end took a second so I might have been spotted.” Just then a head pops through the hole, “Hey, whachoo two doing under here?”, it was Flurry. Laughing and talking a bit too loud for Derecho. “Shhhhhhh, Flurry. Keep it down, will ya? We’re hid-din!” He says in a whisper. Trying to be quiet, Flurry squeezes her rather round self into the hole too. With the three of them crouched on all fours, it occurs to Breeze that its dark under there. “Uhhh, Derecho? What are we gonna do now that we’re under here? It’s dark and I can barely see you.” Derecho: “I have a plan to escape. We can go play with the box of stuffies across the room.” Flurry’s little button eyes open wide as she squeals “Escape?!? I’ve heard that word. Didn’t cousin Levi escape all the time? Sounds like fun! And stuffies when we get there? I’m in!” “You’re in on what?” exclaims Blizzard who just popped into the hole. Startled, the other three jump. “Golly, Blizzard! If you’re going to sneak up on us…” says Derecho, who gives him a little bitey-face then looks back to the girls. Breeze asked her siblings where brother Twister was. Flurry and Blizzard confirmed he was quietly sleeping above with Mr. Snake. Breeze thinks to herself, this might not have been a bad idea.

Then still in a whisper, Derecho points his little paw towards the back of the bed. “See that little ray of light? That’s where we’re going. It’s the way to the stuffies.” Breeze, Flurry and Blizzard look at each other with hesitation. Derecho steps towards the second hole then looks back at his siblings. Still wide eyed, they nod their heads for him to go on. Derecho puffs his chest out and bursts through the hole at the back of the bed. Flurry shows no fear and follows out behind him. Breeze & Blizzard raise an eyebrow to each other. “Go see?” says Breeze as she pushes Blizzard by the elbow. Still a bit concerned, Blizzard steps over & peeks outside. Suddenly you can hear giggling from Blizzard. Breeze asks what’s going on. Through his laughter, having his head through the hole and his butt wiggling uncontrollably, he explains in a strange tunneled voice. “Breeze, seems Derecho has lead us on a wild stuffie chase! We’re, uhhhh, kinda stuck here now.” Blizzard still laughing continues, “hey Derecho, stop yelling for Mama Molly. She knows exactly what you are doing. She can see us!” “Oh now you tell me”, sighs Derecho. Still trying to turn themselves around in the tight space, Flurry is squeaking her dislike for being stuck, especially since Derecho’s un-wiggling butt was in front of her. “So help me Derecho, I am going to bitey-face you so bad when we get outta this.” By now, Breeze and Derecho and Flurry are howling, squeaking, grunting and making tiny little puppy barks in the hopes of being rescued while Blizzard is still laughing and wiggling!

All this commotion wakes Twister. Through sleepy little puppy eyes, he realizes his siblings are “under the bed” beneath him. As he follows the conversation by intently looking directly at the bed and following the voices from under it, he realizes what has happened. Rolling his eyes, he walks over to the end of the bed and looks over. His jaw falls open and then he bursts into laughter. Pointing at two and a half siblings, he laughs just as Mama Molly steps into the room. He races down the stairs as if to say “it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me…” and sits in front of her, very pleased with himself. Molly herself is laughing as she approaches the crying puppies wedged between the wall and their nighttime crate. Gently she pulls the fence away and encourages the pups to the front of the crate. With tiny little barks and prancing, Molly knows how thankful they are. She places the fence back in position, kneels down in front of her five four-legged babies as she says “You crazy little puppies. Why do you get yourself in these situations?” Molly tenderly gives each a tussle of their head and says she’ll be back before bedtime.

When she gets to the door, she looks back and watches “these” babies settle into a quiet puppy pile, she peeks over to the big house and thinks of “her” baby, Mia. And sweet Mia, tucked warmly into her blankets… dreaming of the time when “she’ll” be tussling the heads of “her” four legged babies

Written by Streaky LeDay

Live Chat on 1/15/13

This is from the Q/A that Molly did through Live Chat on 1/15/13 (copied from the Dog Bless you Blog):

A big thanks to all the puppy-watchers for joining Tuesday’s live Puppy Cam chat with Molly Morelli, Warrior Canine Connection’s Director of Dog Programs. If you didn’t get your question answered this week, tune in to Puppy Cam next Tuesday at 7:00 pm. Here is this week’s Q&A for anyone who missed it:

crowie: Molly, how did Misty deal with the passing of two of the pups?
WarriorCanineConnection: I made sure she saw the bodies of the two puppies once they passed. Dogs handle things differently – she just pushed them away and went back to her other pups.

rockyryan – AZ: Hi Molly! Do you know how this litter’s names will be chosen?
WarriorCanineConnection: Yes, I do know, but am not telling yet :-)

Wuvtai5: Different breeds of dogs have different traits and personalities. Is the training done any differently with Labs than with goldens?
WarriorCanineConnection: Goldens and labs are very similar breeds in many ways, however every dog is different and we have to adjust training styles for each dog. Some dogs need just a simple “uh uh” to stop a behavior and others need a very sharp, firm “nope.”

tuppycat-NZ: Hi Molly! Are you on target for the move to the garage?
WarriorCanineConnection: Yes, they should be done on Thursday or Friday and then the indoor fencing will be installed over the weekend. We will start puppy petting there next week and it will probably be around then that the pups are ready for a bigger area to run.

BobbiRhodes: Now that the pups seem to be thriving and gaining weight are you still giving them antibiotics?
WarriorCanineConnection: Yes, we will finish the course of antibiotics – I think the last day is Friday.

WendyH: How old will the puppies be when their teeth start to come in?
WarriorCanineConnection: I just felt the first of Ms. Orange’s teeth starting to poke out!

jch: How has Explore and Dog Bless You changed you, Rick and WCC? Could you have imagined that a small camera would lead to this??
WarriorCanineConnection: I could not have imagined this. I am so surprised how much it has touched so many people.

lynnesky: Do these pups nurse more “actively” than some? We all notice the yanking!
WarriorCanineConnection: No, this is how most pups tend to nurse, at least in my experience.

moosemom~WI: Once Misty’s litter is older, will you consider breeding another one of your females? If so, would Olive be the next to breed? And thank you for allowing us into your lives each and every day.
WarriorCanineConnection: In the midst of this litter I said I was never breeding again. Now that we are at this point I of course know that isn’t an option. Olive will be bred to Rogue in April when she comes in season.

2rots: Molly, in general how are the HDD pups doing? Are all still destined to be service dogs?
WarriorCanineConnection: Right now I see no reason that HHD will not make some kind of working dog.

jch: Have you (WCC) always had puppy petters? Did Home Depot donate ALL labor and supplies?
WarriorCanineConnection: Yes, we have always had puppy petters. The only thing HD wasn’t able to get donated was a heater/air conditioner that was around $2,000.

flipfloppingal: Will you announce when the Home Depot ribbon cutting will be and will it be on the live cam?
WarriorCanineConnection: Yes, we will announce the date and it will be on the live cam.

LDMom – IL: Hi Molly, I was wondering if you did any of the neurological exercises with the pups?
WarriorCanineConnection: I don’t follow the exercises exactly but do do them with each puppy each day.

Harli’s-mama: WCC had to come up with the money for the heater/air conditioner?
WarriorCanineConnection: The EPWs raised a large chunk of money on Thanksgiving day and we were able to use that to buy the heater. You all provided the “warmth” to our puppies. How sweet is that?

lynnesky: Is Penny “home” for an extended stay? How do other dogs react to her?
WarriorCanineConnection: Penny was having a hard time finding a diet that worked for her. I brought her here to have a vet visit and for me to evaluate. She is such a lovely dog. She is going back “home” on Thursday though.

Maxi: How did Misty come to live with you?
WarriorCanineConnection: Misty was a show dog. She just doesn’t have very much coat to be shown against the “big dogs.” She had her first litter (Olive’s litter) and in that litter she had a daughter that has been very successful in the show ring.

Brinsmom: Holly and Misty appear to be exceptional mothers – am I right? They both seem so caring, attentive, and nurturing.
WarriorCanineConnection: I will not ever breed a dog a second time that isn’t a good mother the first go around. Mothering has such a profound affect on these puppies.

Erin R: Molly, you said that Misty came to you after being a show dog. Was she a rescue?
WarriorCanineConnection: Not at all. She was owned by a very reputable breeder that is a friend of mine. He knew that she would produce awesome service dogs so he sent her to me.

puproar: Do you tend to use show dog lines vs. field lines for your breeding program? Or either or both?
WarriorCanineConnection: Show lines. Field dogs have too much chase drive.

karmackayo: Molly, assuming that the phenomenon of the HDD with FB pages and all is new for you… do you find it fun to watch us EPWs react to HHD adventures and what do you think of all the cool experiences they are having?
WarriorCanineConnection: It is so amazing to me. It makes me happy to see so many people care about the dogs like I do.

chateauchocolatier: Molly, do you ever have dogs that for whatever reason don’t make it through the service dog training – and therefore need a home? (hint hint)?
WarriorCanineConnection: We do, very, very occasionally have a dog that can’t be a working dog.

gmm – MA: Are labs like goldens in that the ear color is an indicator of their adult color?
WarriorCanineConnection: Oftentimes they do end up the color of their ears.

lll644: So is Olive the only potential Mommy you have right now? Will you keep Holly and Misty?
WarriorCanineConnection: Right now Olive is the only girl I have that is of breeding age (at least 2) and has all appropriate health clearances (hips, elbows, eyes, heart and a few DNA tests). I have a few in the pipeline that are potential broods though.

baxterbear: The pups are too young to interact with the older dogs….at what age can the older dogs visit? It’s ok for the cats to come by though?
WarriorCanineConnection: It’s more that Misty wouldn’t be comfortable having adult dogs around. I just like to keep things calm and stress free for everyone.

weinke: What age do you begin brushing teeth and how often should it be done? I’ve never seen it addressed. Thanks.
WarriorCanineConnection: We start by just having our fingers in their mouth (at this age) and then introduce the toothbrush around 5-6 weeks or so.

Maxi: Are Misty and Olive closer to each other than the with the other adult pooches because of their Mom/Daughter bond?
WarriorCanineConnection: It is clear to me that mothers always “know” their children but I don’t see any real special bond with those two.

LauraBryson: What is your favorite command to teach the puppies?
WarriorCanineConnection: I like teaching the “sit” and “wait” commands because it makes my life easier.

crowie: When the pups tug on Misty when feeding, is that to squirt the milk into their mouths?
WarriorCanineConnection: It helps to bring the milk down.

tuppycat-NZ: At what age will you introduce the puppies to other food?
WarriorCanineConnection Once they have sufficient head/neck control – usually somewhere between 3 and 4 weeks.

Brinsmom: Do you have any part in the placing of the dogs with the warriors, or is that strictly Rick’s or someone else’s job? You get to know the dogs (pups) so well and know their personalities.
WarriorCanineConnection: I am very involved in the placing of the dogs.

♥Words of Wisdom♥

Bushes LeDay A few “Words of Wisdom” ♥ (also posted on the Nursery Cam board) with a special shout out to Bobbi Rhodes ♥

Today we find Misty’s Weather Pups in their new home for the day, the Puppy Training and Enrichment Center. Located just a few steps from the big house, as they comfortably settle in and find the lap of Bobbi, one of their most favorite OPP’s, to get warm & comfy. After a brief nap, they are delighted to have a surprise visit from their big cousin, Grace. ♥

After a walk-through to check out the new facilities, Grace lays down just outside the whelping box to have a little talk with her new cousins. The pups all sit up to look at their beautiful cousin in amazement as Miss Orange says, “Grace, you’re a big girl now! Will I grow up to be big like you?” Grace answers in her in a calm gentle voice, “Miss Orange, I have no doubts you will be a gorgeous young lady! And you sure are a good eater. Just be sure you watch your waist. We wouldn’t want your tummy to outgrow your legs.” Miss Orange immediately looks down at her waist and rubs her belly. “I love nom-noms, Grace. And we get big pup food now! Then we wash it down with Mommy’s milk. Ahhhhhh, I love to eat!” ♥

Mr. Blue giggles at his sister then says to his cousin. “Grace, we have tiny little legs & tiny little feet. I do pretty good with standing & walking but I’m still practicing to beat Sister Orange across the whelping box.” With that Mr. Blue stands up only to fall over as it turns out he is stepping on Mr. Green’s tail. Mr. Green lets out a little yelp and in the process of trying to check his tail, ends up going around and around in circles. “I’m sorry brother Green”, Blue says, “I’m just so ready to start running”. Mr. Blue rolls over on his back doing the famous TURKEY POSE while kicking his feet in the air. “Pup-ercise, must do my pup-ercise… one, two, three, one, two, three…” ♥

Once Mr. Green determines his tail is still in place, he turns to his cousin and asks her “What its like on the outside world, cousin? I smell lots of cool stuff but I’m too small to play in the yard still. The big dawgs said I have to wait a while before I can go play with them. Are there stuffies out there?!?”, he asks with wide eyes. Grace laughs and responds, “Oh Mr. Green, there are all kinds of stuffies out there! I think you might have some competition though. I think your gonna be like your Mom. Did you know she is famous for always having a stuffie in her mouth? And don’t think I didn’t notice when you were in the litter box and had one in your mouth. Yep, I think you will follow in her pawsteps…” Suddenly, in mid pup-ercise, Mr. Blue falls to sleep with Miss Orange and Mr. Green quickly behind him. ♥

Now Grace turns to Miss Yellow and Mr. Purple… She gives them her special nudge and quietly speaks directly to them. “Okay you two, I want to let you in on a secret. While I love ALL of my sisters, I want you to know about my very special brother Levi. I only have the one brother. Miss Yellow, you are very lucky to have three. They are all very special. I know you are still young and won’t learn too much yet, but I want you two to know about the special bond between Levi and I. When my sisters left to be with …” Suddenly Grace is cut off by Miss Yellow when she exclaims, “left? They left YOU cousin Grace?!? But why?” she says in a whiny little girly voice. Mr. Purple rolls his little eyes and elbows his sister, “oh sister Yellow, let cousin finish her story.” Then he carefully scoots just a bit closer to Miss Yellow. This does not go unnoticed by Grace. She smiles at her two cousins, “that… that right there” as she nuzzles close to them with her nose. “I think you two will be close like Levi and I are. When my sisters left to live with their puppy parents, Levi and I were the last two together. We developed a very special bond and we love each other very much. I see this in you two. You seem to cuddle together a lot. This makes me very happy. I hope you both understand how special you are. Most important, is that you realize the important mission you have both started, along with your siblings. We are here for wonderful people known as Wounded Warriors. They have made great sacrifices for us and all our peoples. Soon it will time for my brother and sisters to help them. Mother Molly and your puppy parents will teach you how to help these men & women that will need you when you grow up. But remember, we still have lots to learn as you all will too.” After listening to their cousin, Miss Yellow and Mr. Purple thanked their big cousin & attempted to give Grace a tiny puppy kiss. Being too little to reach over the wall, Grace gently leaned in, gave all the babies a tender kiss and before leaving, looked over her shoulder at Mr. Purple and Miss Yellow, who were now huddled together and whispering as they watched her go. She gave them a final nod of her head and smiled as she left them, wondering if they too would have that very precious bond… ♥ ♥ ♥